Meve (Development of software tool for effective energy efficiency measurement and verification with smart data analysis tools) R2Cities (RepliCable and Innovative Future Efficient Districts and cities) Hybtex (Development of a Thermoplastic Composite Production Method by Using Advanced Hybrid Yarns with High Mechanical Performance) Infrapipe (Research and Development of the Pipes used in Environmental Infrastructure Facilities(Potable Water + Drainage)and the Production techniques for these pipes) Aircore (Development of Air Cores for Forming Complex Geometries in Injection Molds) Rtpipe (Development of Simultaneous, Opposite, Continuous, Double Winding Technologies in Thermoplastic Composite Pipes) Metastic (Improvement of adhesion between metal and plastic interfaces) Ots (Development of Automatic Titration System for Determination of Ca and Mg Macro Nutrients in Soil) Agrovolt (Development of Fertilization Recommendation System by Determination of Voltammetric Micro Element in Soil) Cityfied (RepliCable and InnovaTive Future Efficient Districts and Cities) Borustat (Development of a static analysis software for pipe-soil systems) Rhecomdie (Modelling Rheological Properties of Compounded Polymeric Materials and Design of a Three-layer Spiral Extrusion Die) Hitap (Development of a Pipe System for Hydrogen Transport in Gas Phase) Pipex (Production and Process Design of Crosslinkable Polyethylene Suitable for Pipe Production) Rasofir (On-Site, Rapid Soil Analysis and Fertilization/Irrigation Recommendation System) Mikrolif (Development of Microfiber Reinforced Polymer Composites at Industrial Scale) Miracle (Hydrophonic System) Seranaliz (Development of an Analysis System for Instant Monitoring and Control of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium Content in Nutrient Solution in Soilless Agricultural Greenhouses) Setap (Continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite pipes production)