Project Details

Project Name: Comfostat
Development of a machine learning aided and operative temperature based smart thermostat
Project Date:  01.01.2017 – 31.12.2018
Project Duration: 24 Months
Project Budget:  668.300 TL
Funding Mechanismı: TÜBİTAK 1509 – International Industrial R&D Projects Support Program / Eureka
Outputs: Smart thermostat with sensors operating on basis of operative temperature
Keywords: Smart buildings, energy efficiency, thermostat, HVAC, machine learning, operative temperature

Project Summary

Necessity of such a smart and applicable device shows up due to inefficient utilization of energy in Turkey, thermally uncomfortable conditions in majority of buildings and residences and also absence of any device which offers a complete solution.

Besides the increase in usage of IoT technology day by day, absence of any domestic product that uses this technology in Turkey and lack of operative-temperature-based control in the industry are main reasons for launching out this project.

By this project it is aimed to develop a smart thermostat that will create a healthy environment for people while taking into consideration human psychology and physiology and also to find widespread usage in the world with its solutions and advantages. In this project we are in collaboration with Eptisa Company from Spain.