Proje Details

Project Name: ANTEKNO
Automatic Sample Preparation and Laboratory Analysis Systems Production
Project Date: 04.09.2018-04.09.2020
Project Duration: 1 Year Investment Period-1 Year Operating  Period
Project Budget:  1.313.900,00 TL
Support Mechanism: KOBİ TechnoInvestment Project
Outputs: Automatic sample preparation system, Automatic analysis system, Pumps, selection / injection valves, Potentiometric flow cells, Spectrophotometric flow cells
Keywords: Automatic analysis system, quantitative analysis, automatic sample preparation, environmental samples, flow injection analysis system

Project Summary

The project aims to establish the production infrastructure of the automatic multichannel flow injection analysis system for automatic sample preparation and laboratory analysis systems. Thus, it is aimed to realize the automation of sample preparation processes both during and before the analysis.


The device which is planned to be produced is the output of a research and development project successfully completed by Mir R & D. Laboratory scale prototype is aimed to be transformed into industrial-scale prototypes by making cost-reducing studies without sacrificing features such as precision, speed, portability and accuracy. After obtaining the commercial prototype, serial production will be started for the systems that will be ready for sale. The system presented in the project is not produced in our country and the alternative of this system is completely imported from abroad. Besides, the simultaneous measurement of different ions in imported products is provided by additional modules. The proposed product is sufficient to allow simultaneous analysis over the same flow paths. Also, alternative measurement systems that can be used in laboratories have high investment and operating costs. Since the system is portable, it will be ensured that it is suitable for use in mobile laboratories as well as in stationary laboratories. In addition, advanced technological equipment (automation applications) will be considered in the system. In this way, it is aimed to eliminate the errors caused by personnel and to save time utilizing automatic sample preparation / feeding features.